Chapter 12

Arnav smoothed down the front of his new crisp white shirt as he checked his reflection in the mirror. He was still in his cabin and it was already 7:30. He knew Aman would be in any minute to whisk him away for his business dinner, but he was pacing himself leisurely. Actually, his sluggish movements were because his mind was elsewhere.

The flowers had been delivered almost 3 hours ago to Khushi’s apartment. His secretary had confirmed it directly from the man who delivered the bouquet and yet, he hadn’t yet heard anything from Khushi. He had expected her to be resting and possibly recuperating, but he had been disappointed that she didn’t call him with a simple thanks. And he wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but that disappointment was growing inside him with every minute that passed.

“ASR?” Aman’s voice floated in as his smiling face appeared at the door. “Are we ready to leave?” he asked.

“Yeah, almost,” Arnav replied picking up his dinner jacket from the chair behind him. “Aman, do women like lilies?” he asked.

The smile slowly disappeared from Aman’s face and a look of surprise replaced it. “Sir?” he repeated, wondering if he had misheard his boss.

“Lilies. Do you think women like lilies?” Arnav asked again putting on the coat. Aman stared blankly, his hand still on the handle of the door as if he had quite forgotten it was there. He wasn’t really sure if his boss was actually pulling his leg, for he had never asked him such a question before. Ever.

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Chapter 11




“Huh! What?” Arnav jumped up in his bed, looking around wildly at the sudden sound that had jerked him awake. He turned sideways and fumbled with the alarm clock sitting on the bedside table. Reading the time with his bleary eyes, he cursed out aloud. It was 5:00 in the morning. Who the hell was ringing the bell at such an ungodly hour? Grumbling loudly to himself, Arnav got out of his bed and grabbed his robe.


Arnav noticed Oscar sleeping soundly in his little wicker basket and frowned. Wasn’t the calling bell loud enough for the lazy pup to wake up and at least bark a couple of times at the unwelcome company? Shaking his head in exasperation, Arnav made his way towards the foyer of his private elevator. Since it needed a code and not everyone was privy to that information, this had to be a stranger who had instead taken the stairs from the floor below. He registered a faint sense of happiness at the realisation.


“Yeah yeah, I’m coming!” Arnav growled irritably. “Keep your pants on-” he opened the door and stopped in the middle of his sentence, gaping.

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