Uhm, I’m still alive folks!

Avoiding all the brickbats and the curses coming my way, I’m still here. Yes, you heard it right. I’m alive, doing well (health wise) and not impaired in anyway.

I know that “I’m sorry” is going to sound so useless right now for having disappeared for more than a year since the last update and not having left a note either. But I do apologize for my houdini act. No reader should be subjected to such torture and I’m pretty sure, I’ve chased a lot of you away because of my behaviour. If, however, you’re still hanging around, and I haven’t scared you away, thank you!!

I hope you guys remember that I’m pursuing higher studies (MBA) and have been swamped with real life problems. Sorting out campus placements is the latest on the list. Anyway, the point of this note isn’t to bore you guys with the issues in my life, but to announce that – I’ll be returning to my stories by December 2014. I’ve already started writing in the background, but I don’t want to disappear again. So I’ve decided that I’ll start uploading only once I have a couple of chapters already finished in the pipeline – for both Taming and 101 letters.

Alternate IPK will remain on hold for now. Please understand that this is not due to my disinterest in the story (hardly so!). It takes quite a lot of time and effort to write each chapter of this mammoth production; I want to give it the time it respectably demands.

Until December then, I’d suggest you guys refresh up on the chapters 🙂

much love,