About this story

Meet Arnav: A handsome, rich and single business tycoon who rules the hearts of women and makes his business competitors shiver in trepidation. There’s just one tiny problem: he has just been sentenced to 8 weeks of anger management therapy!

Meet Khushi: A fiesty, smart and famous anger therapy counselor who has clientele in the elitist of the social chains and is the best in her field. There’s just one tiny problem: her next “subject” is the mercurial Arnav Singh Raizada!!

So what happens when the angry young man called Arnav Singh Raizada is sentenced to 8 weeks of anger management therapy and his counselor is a fiesty bubbly Khushi Kumari Gupta?

Hilarity ensues!

Arnav is determined to hate her with every inch of his being and Khushi is determined to coat him up with her sugary sweet nature. Will she be able to tame the angry young man? Follow this crazy story as both of them lose their sanity, their minds and eventually their hearts in a comical roller coaster ride.


2 comments on “About this story

  1. srmirji says:

    liked the new banner,.khushi looks fantastic.

    chap 12 was great….arnav’s comment to khushi’s anger brought a smile to me.

    I like your writing and storyline


  2. Shy says:

    Please please do consider continuing this story? It’s so refreshingly different. Khushi’s character is great and the humor is spot on awesome. I love 101 letters too, but please do continue this story.

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